More than an exhibition

In addition to serving as a revolutionary art showcase, “Reconciliation with the Living” presents an invaluable platform for education and dialogue. Recognizing the importance of fostering the next generation of artists and thinkers, the exhibition can be accompanied by a series of masterclasses aimed at onboarding young artists into the world of crypto-art and environmental activism. Moreover, to delve deeper into the critical issues that the exhibition raises, panel discussions can be organized around themes such as the intersection of blockchain technology and environmental sustainability. These discussions provide attendees with a more nuanced understanding of the complexities and potential solutions to the challenges we face. For those looking to network and engage in collaborative discussions, meetups can also be organized, offering an ideal setting for like-minded individuals to connect and possibly catalyze future initiatives.


Beyond its initial run at UNESCO, “Reconciliation with the Living” has taken on a new life as a traveling exhibition, thus amplifying its reach and impact, notably in Florence and Lisbon. This dynamic evolution underscores the project’s objective to galvanize a broader artistic movement around the theme of environmental conservation.


During 3 weeks and on the occasion of the Paris edition of the exhibition, a massive digital campaign was launched on the network of 1350 screens of Phenix Digital in the streets of France, totalizing 12+ Million unique viewers.

in the streets of Paris, November 2022


Additionally, the exhibition features a set of educational panels that can either be integrated directly into the exhibition layout or made available for download.


The ‘Reconciliation with the Living’ exhibition offers more than just a cultural and educational experience; it serves as a powerful fundraising mechanism for environmental causes. By aligning art with activism, the exhibition creates a compelling platform that attracts a diverse audience, including philanthropists, activists, and art enthusiasts alike. The use of NFTs provides a unique opportunity for financial contributions, allowing supporters to acquire digital art pieces as a form of investment in both the artistic and environmental spheres. Beyond individual sales, the event can host auctions, pledge drives, or donation-based interactive activities, each designed to channel resources directly to environmental initiatives. By marrying artistic endeavor with a dire global cause, the exhibition turns the act of artistic appreciation into a tangible contribution toward a sustainable future.

Round table

For instance, in this round-table discussion organized by MuseumWeek on 26 November 2022 at UNESCO HQ (Paris) on the occasion of “Reconciliation with the living”, 4 high-level actors from the world of blockchain industry explored these issues to bring light on the environmental impact of blockchain technology and NFTs, but also on the contributions of NFTs in supporting the environmental cause. The panel included:

• Irina Karagyaur (Head of Ecosystem Growth and Business Development at Unique Network)

• Sharfina Adamantine (co-founder of GainForest)

• Alessandro Mazzi (Head of Partnerships & Field Research at Sovereign Nature)

• Audric Balssa, Senior Climate Expert & Digital Impact Specialist at Greenly.