The works presented in this exhibition explore the theme of the reconciliation of humanity with itself and with the living, with the aim of questioning our species on the necessity of the change of posture that we must adopt towards the other forms of life. They invite humans to a face-to-face encounter with living beings in order to underline the interdependence, the history and the common destiny of species, but also the certain interest in an intelligent cohabitation. Whether it is through a meditative contemplation of the living, through the borrowing of facts and scientific data from biology or the theory of evolution, biodiversity is at the heart of this exhibition. The works also invite a poetic reflection on the reconciliation and co-habitation of species.


Arts DAO Fest is a prominent cultural festival that emphasizes the burgeoning world of digital art and Web3 technologies. It’s organised by Arts DAO, the largest Web3 community in the Middle East, and aims to foster innovation, creativity, and connectivity among digital art enthusiasts and creators. Culture For Causes Network displayed, in partnership with Polkadot,


Culture For Causes Network organized a digital show in Lisbon, in June 2023, with the artists BLΛ, CharlesAI, DeltaSauce, DVK the artist and Georgina Hooper, in partnership with NFT Biennial, Arroz Estúdios, the Non-Fungible Conference, and with the support of UNESCO. Artists BLΛ An artist and creative for two decades; as an abstract expressionist painter, photographer, designer,


“Reconciliation with the living” was hosted in the Aria Art Gallery in Florence, Italy, on the occasion of Art For Tomorrow, an event organized by the Democracy and Culture Foundation with a significant numbers of personalities and high-level decision-makers. Artists zancan Michaël Zancan is an artist from Bordeaux, France, who has worked as both an


The original version of ‘Reconciliation with the living’ was organized at UNESCO HQ on November 25 and 26, 2022, on the occasion of Earth University. Iconic works were exhibited in situ and a virtual gallery extend this art installation into dematerialized space. Artists & artworks Living Architecture: Casa Batlló “Living Architecture: Casa Batlló” is the first UNESCO